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Buying Your Home

From First Time Buyers to Seasoned Buyers, Our Mission is to Create a Great Experience that Reflects Your Best Interests.

Ready to Buy? We'd Love to Help.

Buying a home can be an incredibly exciting time. It can also be overwhelming, and our job is to find you the perfect fit, and also make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible.

In a rapidly changing market with certain inventories at record lows, it’s critically important to stay current on available properties (on and off market), as well as the flexibility to stay current on the best possible buying strategies.

Our job is to make the process work for you and deliver an amazing outcome.  This process is about you and for you, and we never lose sight of what our jobs are.


We will help you determine time frame and what you want (price, location, wants, and needs).

We’ll send you prospects, set up showings, gather information, and perform market analyses on listings.  

Then we will tour homes that will meet your needs.

Together we will carefully weigh and measure your options - discuss pros and cons.


We will evaluate and share comparable homes to determine an offer price based on the current market trends.

Discuss offer details (price, earnest money, closing date, closing attorney, stipulations, etc.).


After we find the right home, we’ll research it and its history, set up inspections, and handle all the negotiations and closing preparation – Including handling Contingencies: Due-Diligence (all inspections), Appraisal, Financing, etc.

We Close.

We Celebrate!

An upscale backyard terrace featuring perennials and with a custom designed shelter and fireplace.
Elegant attic bathroom with bathtub

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