Buying a Home: How to Really See It.

So you are ready to go house shopping. How exciting!

You’ve got a solid Wi-Fi connection and a fantastic monitor. What more could you need?

It can be thrilling and somewhat addictive to look at beautifully staged and photographed homes on line. Gail and Claire both know the value of professionally photographing your home as they offer this service directly to their clients!

Gail and Claire advise their clients that there is absolutely nothing wrong with looking on line when you are starting your search. It may help you narrow down your search. However, there is just no substitute for actually driving to and from the home, driving or walking through the neighborhood, and of course, physically walking through the home you are considering purchasing.

Beyond Online

A well-lit, professional photograph can motivate you to go see a property, and it should do just that. But there is no substitute to having a trusted, experienced agent that can point out both the positives and the negatives.

Your agent should have your best interest at heart. Period.

Gail and Claire cover all aspects of the potential home for their clients. They understand and remind their clients that purchasing the home is much MORE than just purchasing the home. Their clients aren’t just buying the home. They are buying the proximity to schools, work, and shopping. What is the neighborhood vibe?

Do People Really Buy A Home Without Seeing It?

Hard to imagine this scenario but it does happen, particularly in markets where demand is extremely high and inventory is low. If you ever do this, Gail and Claire recommend you have an exceptional agent that can “be you” to make sure you are not making a colossal mistake.

Make Sure the Photograph You Are Seeing is of an Actual Listing

Sadly, there are sites that post “representational photographs” of old or not current listings. Do not go down that rabbit hole. It’s a complete waste of time and can have you pining for a property you simply cannot have.

There is just no substitute for an in person viewing of the home, the area, the neighborhood and all that comes with living there. There is also no substitute for highly experienced professional agents to advise you, and be able and willing to point out both the positives and the negatives that may not be noticeable at first glance.

For more tips and strategies to create a great buying experience, check out Gail and Claire’s Buyer Resources.

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