Listing Your Home in the Winter is a Good Idea

Historically, listing your home in the winter months was considered a bad idea, but today that’s just not the case. The reality is that there are plenty of solid reasons to list your home in December and January. Let’s look at the top reasons that listing in the winter months may just be the best idea ever.

Less Competition

We’ve established that conventional wisdom may discourage many people from listing in the winter months, which is precisely why it is a great idea… for those who do decide to list. It’s really a simple numbers game. Low inventory equals less competition making the odds heavily in your favor.

The Pandemic Has Created Desire for the Perfect Home

This year more than ever, as we live, work, play and quarantine in place, homeowners are demanding more from their homes than ever before. Take a look at The McCown Group’s earlier Blog Post about the demand for Space at Home. More importantly, buyers especially now are very eager to get into a home that works for all their needs, and are willing to move whenever they find their perfect fit. It does not matter if it’s winter.

Winter Buying is for Serious Buyers

There are plenty of people that attend open houses as a favorite hobby or pastime. However, there are considerably less of those people coming out in the winter months. Chances are, your property will be viewed by people who are intending to buy. There may be less traffic overall, but those coming are more likely to make an offer.

Financial Bonuses and Payouts

Corporate bonuses are typically awarded at year’s end and often the catalyst to motivate buyers in making the decision to buy. This is true for first time buyers as well as luxury buyers that are planning to upgrade.

Corporate Relocation

Corporate Relocations are very common in the months of January and February. Corporate Relocation buyers typically sign quickly as they have timelines that often require a quick move.

Tax Benefits

Buyers eager to create a tax savings often pull the trigger in December.


Professional Photography is a Must

The McCown Group can’t stress the importance of professional photography enough. Read their earlier blog post about how they are adding value for all their clients and using Claire’s skills to professionally photograph their client’s properties.

Price to Sell

You can make the process so much easier and smoother if you price your property appropriately. Gail and Claire can provide you with all the data you need to price your property fairly and correctly.

Go Easy on Festive Decorations

If you are seriously out to sell your house (especially in December) consider keeping the holiday décor to a minimum. While your decorations may be beautiful, decorations can easily create the illusion of less space and prospective buyer could miss important and unique architectural details that would otherwise be selling points.

As always, please contact Gail and Claire to help you with listing your property, or for finding the perfect property. They are prepared with all the data to offer you sound advice on pricing, and can get your property professionally photographed, listed and sold quickly and efficiently.

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