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The Need for Space to Work, Play, Live and Coexist All Under one Roof is Fueling the Luxury Home Market.

First, it looked as if we would just need a semi-private corner and some decent Wi-Fi for the barrage of Zoom, Google that became virtual overnight sensations.

However, months later a new normal has emerged. Buyers are searching for more permanent and long lasting solutions. They are completely rethinking their spaces, and how to maximize every square inch for work, play, living and coexisting happily under one roof for the majority of a 24 hour day…every day.

This new reality is creating a demand in the luxury real estate market and fueling a bit of a boom in multiple markets including Atlanta and the northern suburbs where Gail and Claire are luxury market and lifestyle specialists.

The New Wish List

Gail and Claire’s clients are asking for the following when searching for a property.

  • More Square Footage
  • Home Offices (Often 2)
  • Gyms
  • Media Rooms
  • Recreation Rooms
  • Pools

Needs vs Wants

Today’s buyers’ wish lists have expanded to resemble years past when mega-mansions and luxury ranches were more the norm. This was a time when people wanted this kind of home just because. However, there was a measurable shift away from luxury homes, as more people choose to downsize a bit, and spend their money on travel, and experiences.

Enter the pandemic which has created an impact that continues to alter our lives and redefine what we need out of our homes. The need to accomplish it all from home has buyers wanting this kind of space again out of necessity as opposed to desire.

Secondly, lower interest rates coupled with the current strong equity positions of current homeowners make it easier to secure down payments and afford the mortgage payments of an upgraded space.

Check out the Mortgage Calculator from Gail and Claire’s website to get a quick estimate of your mortgage payment.

It is somewhat ironic, but it is truly a great time to find the home where you and your family can accomplish all the things that a modern family living through a pandemic must…and thrive while doing it.

Gail and Claire would love to find the perfect home for you. They are incredibly knowledgeable about available properties and the areas that will work well for you and your family. They would love to guide you in your search and decision-making process.

Contact Gail and Claire today and they will find your perfect home with lots of space to work, play, live and thrive.

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