Reasons You Should Have Your House Photographed NOW…Even Though You May Not be Ready to List.


Glorious fall has arrived, and while the cooler temperatures can make us feel downright giddy, it’s also a great time to have your house photographed – even if you may not be ready to list it.

Why Now?

Here are the reasons to fall for Fall when it comes to photographing your property. Remember, the goal is to present your home at its best!

Palette and Backdrop.

Simply put, photographs of your home reflected in the warm hues of autumn is drop dead gorgeous. Nature’s color palette of oranges, reds and greens provide a stunning backdrop.

Leaves Are Hanging Around

The leaves have not fallen. Barren trees are a distraction and can take away from the beauty of your home. A full canopy brings life, height, dimension, and softness to your home.

Grass is Always Greener

In Atlanta, we are very fond of Bermuda and other varieties of turf that simply go dormant in the colder months. While this is practical for the turf, it makes ugly photographs. A lush, full and green lawn adds so much life to
images of your home.

Why Photograph Your Home At All?

According to the National Association of Realtors, a gigantic 95% of buyers search for their future home on the internet. So, if your house doesn’t show well online, there’s a very slim chance that a buyer will come and see it in person. The photos of your home set the stage from the beginning and determine in large part, how much activity and what kind of offers your house will get.

How to Photograph

You need a professional! Getting amazing photographs of properties is the main reason Claire decided to get the training and invest in the equipment that would allow her to provide this vital service for their clients. You can read more about that decision and get some tips in their earlier blog post on their commitment to Always Improve Service for Their Clients.

Here are some tips to make your photoshoot render the best possible photographs:

Lighting is Everything – When to Shoot Indoors

The more light there is outside, the more light inside. So ideally you will want a bright and sunny day. However, you want to make sure there is not an overabundance of light streaming in which could ruin your photos making the image look blown out.
A good photographer will look at every room closely and determine where the light is coming from. Also, expect a good photographer to take several test shots to determine best angles to showcase that particular room. This is an art, which if done properly and well, can showcase your home in the best possible light (both figuratively and literally).


Dusk, often referred to as the Golden or Magic Hour is ideal for capturing beautiful images.

Photography Skills Matter

Creating the perfect composition, editing skills, and the ability to capture your home at its very best are all expectations you should have when it comes to photographing your home. Done properly with a skilled photographer and the right equipment, expertly photographing your home is a no brainer. Getting it done in fall is quite frankly, a brilliant idea. This way, you have images that you can use when you do list your house.

Gail and Claire would love to professionally photograph your home as well as advise you on the current real estate market, and how to best price and position your home. If you need help deciding whether or not to list your property, read through Gail and Claire’s earlier blog post, How to Decide If You Are Ready to List. 

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