Color Trends: The Birth of Blue and Emerging New Palettes

Color Change

It was inevitable. Design and color palettes invariably change. Although gray has reigned supreme for (it seems like) years now, there was a time when Avocado Green and Harvest Yellow ruled the day. So what’s happening in interiors everywhere right now?

After Pantone’s Color of the Year, Classic Blue was announced earlier this year, and the countless articles on the death of gray, change was inevitable. Add in the painful fact that we’ve been staring at our walls for months, with lots of time on our hands, it’s no wonder that new a new hot color and color palettes have emerged and popping up everywhere.

Blue and Friends

If you do not like the deeply saturated Classic Blue, take heart. There are also soft blues that create beautiful, new looks. In fact, blue is associated with relaxation and tranquility. Blue is very versatile, and plays nicely with many other colors. So what are we seeing with blue? Let’s take a look.

Blue as a Neutral

Blue can be a fantastic neutral and goes well with vibrant colors like orange or red. Or, it pairs equally well with more neutral tones like gray and beige.

Smartphone with color of the year 2020 - Classic Blue and fashion colour swatches. Color trend palette.



Watery Blue and Sandy Beige

Soft blue feels a little like the ocean or water, and natural soft beige tones are a perfect complement. This combination delivers tranquility and relaxation.

Pale Blue and Coral

If you want restful with a splash of femininity, this is the perfect combination. The fun part is you can lean more pink, coral or apricot. Good luck deciding as they are all winners.


True Blue and Natural Wood Tones

A true cool blue can be stunning with wood tones. Let your wood decide the exact shade of blue. HINT: For medium to dark blue, choose a stronger shade of blue. The goal is to create a balanced tension between the two, so don’t go too soft with the blue.

Denim Blue and Bright Orange

We are seeing lots of Denim Blue that evolved out of the classic blue paired with orange. Because of their opposite positions on the color wheel, it’s really a slam dunk and serves to create a dynamic space. This is a great look in a kitchen.

Cerulean and Apple Green

Cerulean, also spelled caerulean, is a shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue. Like Denim Blue and Orange this paring is very dynamic and creates a lot of visual interest. They are both cool colors but when you choose these vibrant colors, the room comes alive.


Classic Blue and White

Clean, Crisp and Classic. Blue and White has been around a long time and literally NEVER goes out of style. What seems to change is the different materials from which they are made. So we are seeing lots of new tiles and wallpaper patterns being produced in this pleasing palette. As the old adage goes, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

To explore more blues, you can explore the whole family in these great guides.

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If you would like to ask Gail and Claire anything about what else is trending, or ask for any advice and wisdom on buying or selling, they would be happy to help! Contact them today!

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