The Film Industry in Georgia Just May Cast Your House.

Behind the scenes of movie shooting or video production.

Make Your House a Star!
The Film Industry in Georgia Just May Cast Your House.

The McCown Group would love to help you get your house considered as a film location for one of the many upcoming projects that is projected to film in Atlanta. It’s an easy process that you can arrange in just a few short minutes, and it could be very lucrative for you if your house or property is chosen.

Here are the steps:

  1. Call us to set up a date and time for us to photograph your home, farm, or business.
  2. Sign a one-page agreement to allow us to post your property on a film location website.
  3. If your property is chosen, we will call you and set up an appointment for the location scout, designer, etc. to come see your property in person.  If they choose it, the location scout will present the project to you, explaining all the particulars and how much they will pay.
  4. You decide if it sounds like a good deal.  You always have control!!  If you decide to move forward, you pay a 10% commission to our company.
  5. You write an amazing review of how The McCown Group worked for you!! The Georgia film industry is back up and running creating high demand for a wide variety of homes and properties for potential locations, Don’t worry if your home is not HGTV perfect, because sometimes the very eccentricities that may make your home a challenge to sell…make it perfect for filming.  Unique is good in the movie business!

The state’s film commission says 14 projects are currently prepping for or are in production. Blackhall Studios, with nine sound stages, has had “bodies on the ground” prepping since Monday for two film productions by 20th Century Studios and Universal, said CEO Ryan Millsap. More key personnel are expected to land over the next two weeks. “It will be a ramp-up,” he said.

You might be surprised to learn just how much filming happens in and around Atlanta. Here’s a list of what has been filming recently in Georgia (provided by Georgia Entertainment).

Big Red
Black Lightning S3
Council of Dads S1
Dish Nation S8
Doom Patrol S2
Dynasty S3
First 48
Genius : Aretha Franklin
Legacies S2
Life by the Ton
Meet the Flockas
Sister Circle
Tag Team
The Aquarium S2
The Resident
Tiger Rising
Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living
Tyler Perry’s House of Payne S7
Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan
Underground Railroad
Wife Swap S2
Wild N Out

We would love to help you get your house professionally photographed and in front of the right people, so it can be considered. Click here to create a Request to Photograph Your House to be Considered for a Film Location and we will handle everything!

Please contact The McCown Group for all your real estate needs. Whether you are buying or selling your home, or want to have them help you get your property seen and considered for a possible production, they are ready to work for you.

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